Heavy German rock music with a strong bass voice, bivocals
and a rather grim sense of humour.
Original texts and music and a varied programme:
about love, betrayal, anger, loyalty, cheating
and much more...

GST – „Es wird kalt!“

Folk just love to classify things and so people generally peg GST as German rock. But there's more to them than that. Yeah, sure, German rock is an apt description when you want to book the band and are looking for something concrete to promote the gig on posters and flyers. But what is really behind the concept of GST? Read the short introduction here on the homepage. Check out the history of the band and the interview (coming soon...) all of which are homegrown and nurtured by the band themselves.

From left to right: Karsten Tobiasch (keyboard, vocals), Ulf Radlof (guitar, vocals), Thomas Winkler (bass guitar, vocals), Christian Grossin (guitar, voc), Peter Hartmann (drums, now replaced by Frank Grunwald - see band history ).

Brief Introduction

GST is short for the German 'Society for Sport and Technology' and was founded in December 2010 as a rock band. It was soon obvious which way they were going. Hard, loud and German. Ulf, with his powerful bass voice, proved to be a godsend but then a burden at the same time: the similiarities to Rammstein are unmistakable. GST never wanted to be a cheap copy of Rammstein. That is one of their clearest objectives. Read more in the interview (coming up soon...)

The band met up at weekends, the only time they could. Karsten, Peter, Ulf and Thomas had left their active career as professional musicians behind them. But, as the Germans say, their fingers itched tremendously after each rehearsal. Christian, a fellow guitarist joined up. And so began a variety of manic sounds from the crashing and bellowing of  “Ich kriege dich” (I'll get you) to the angry and satirical  “Stift im Arsch” (Stiff upper lip or Spike in the ass), from the melodrama and emotions of “Rabenherz” (Ravenheart) to the hymn-like chorals of “In deiner Hand” (In your hand). Laughter and tongue-in-cheek humour are a vital part of the music, lyrics and  performance. It creates a good atmosphere and mood to work and rehearse in. Get a quick glimpse of this in the video to "It's getting cold".

GST is a downstream product of the band NIMMERSATT (“Glutton”) a small singing and comedy company, which began as a group of music students in the late 80s and soon after became professional, travelling widely, playing thousands of concerts throughout Germany and Europe. What made NIMMERSATT so popular and distinctive were the harmonies of the background vocals. It may be a long shot, but we hope this professionality can still be heard in GST.

The band has played live a few times and now wants to be more active. When the band first got together, that wasn't the intention, but times change and GST has started to invest some time in this  homepage and in social networks. The CD production "It's getting cold" is in its last stages and at least another two pieces will be published in advance on Youtube. The last upload was "Snow White", and plans are currently being made to shoot the video. More information is coming up. Thanks for your attention. Great that you were here!

Regards, GST.

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